Elders Team

Chair: Rev. Brian Wong 主席:黃曉軍牧師
Vice Chair: Alfred Mo 副主席:毛羽璋
Secretary: Herman Chan 文書:陳許銘
Treasurer: Sam Wong 財政:黃慶殷
Member: Daniel M. T. Wong (Missions) 差傳部:黃文達
Member: William Ng (Facilities Management) 教會設施:吳啟明

Ministry Teams (Deacons and Non-Deacons)

Cantonese Ministry Committee (CMC)

Rev. Brian Wong, Danny Soo, Albert Leung, Peter So, Stanley Pak, Ivy Soo, Belinda Cheng, Cathy Mo


English Ministry Committee (EMC)

Bernard Kim, Caleb Chau, Holly Chau, Joshua Lau, Andy Tse

Bernard Kim、周加信、周毛凱兒、劉恆善、謝柏驊

Mandarin Ministry Committee (MMC)

Pastor James Huang, Patrick Ng, Bonnie Mo, Janet Siu, Lawrence Law, Vincent Hu, Heidi Xue, Vida Lee, Josephine Lam, Karen Phung, Yvonne Yuan 

黃信傑传道、伍永基、毛嚴寶芳、邵楊瑞琦、羅燦華、胡帥、薛弋、李琳、林萬一紅, 馮鏡明, 袁夢雨

Young Life Ministry Committee (YLMC)

Pastor Gabriel Ng, Cassandra Cheng, Nathan Cheng, Timothy Cheng, Kimberly Pak, Candy Ng


Joint Events Committee (JEC)

Stanley Pak, Cassandra Cheng, Josephine Lam, Jonathan Mui, Mary Zhang


Missions Committee

Cynthia So, David Wong, David Chan,  Daniel M. T. Wong, Karen Phung, Rev Brian Wong (Advisor)


Community Outreach Committee (COC)

Pastor Gabriel Ng, Vida Lee 伍梓培傳道、李琳

Pastoral Team教牧團隊

Rev. Brian Wong, Senior Pastor (ext. 101, brian.wong@jaffraychurch.org)

黃曉軍牧師, 主任牧師

I came to Canada from Hong Kong as a student in 1982. Soon I was invited to attend a Bible Study group at Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church. In July 1983, I was touched by God and decided to repent and follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Meanwhile, I went to Hamilton to study and attended Hamilton Chinese Alliance Church. The Alliance church laid in me a solid foundation of faith. I went back to Toronto and received baptism from the Mennonite Church in 85.

I studied at the University of Saskatchewan from 1986-1988. While being involved in a church community, I was greatly blessed by the pastor and his wife, who set godly examples for me. As I matured in the Lord and served in the church, I began to sense God’s call in my life. The phrase: “by all possible means I might save some” (1 Cor. 9:22) became my calling. Soon after, pastors and others in the church affirmed my calling to enter into full-time ministry studies in 1988.

In the spring of 1991, I completed my M.Div. studies at Tyndale seminary. I was married to Yick Sum Chan in June of that year. In July, I began work as a pastor at the Church of the Nazarene. After 16 years of service, I was called to Milliken Chinese Community Church, which I served another six years before coming to Jaffray.

During the years in ministry, God continued to work in my heart, calling me to preach and teach His Word, in order to help Christians understand God’s heart and live out their faith. Moreover, I believe the church is comprised of disciples of Jesus, and is the only avenue in the world through which disciples are made to be witnesses of God in the society. Therefore, I hope to lead the pastoral staff, elders, and congregation of Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church to witness for the Lord Jesus – working together with other congregations, bringing God’s love and righteousness to the city of Toronto, until Christ comes.

我在1982 年由香港來加拿大, 當時只是一個未信主的留學生, 後來在多倫多華人門諾會(Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church)的查經班中認識主, 1983年7月 被上帝的愛感動, 決志悔改跟從主。 1984年在海明頓華人(Hamilton, Ont) 宣道會得蒙造就, 85年 回到決志的門諾會中受洗。 1986 – 88年間, 到加拿大中部沙城唸大學(University of Saskatchewan), 期間參加沙城門諾會, 當時事奉愛主的牧師夫婦成了我的榜樣。 在教會成長和事奉的過程中, 感到上帝的呼召, 更以「總要救些人」 成為我的召命。 後來得到牧者及弟兄姊妹的引證, 決定在88年大學畢業後進入神學院進修。 1991年春天在天道神學院以道學碩士(MDiv)畢業, 6月與大學時候認識的陳亦森姊妹結婚, 7月開始在宣聖會(Church of the Nazarene)中事奉, 共16年之久, 另外在美堅華人基督教會事奉約六年。

在這些年間, 上帝不斷在我心中動工, 叫我熱衷於分解上帝的話語, 從而幫助信徒適切體會上帝的心腸, 活出信仰的生命。另外, 我相信教會是門徒組成的群體, 是世上唯獨一個全面牧養和栽培門徒的地方, 更是在社會中見證上帝的群體。 所以, 我希望帶領翟輔民華人宣

道會的教牧團隊、 長執和信眾, 在多倫多與眾教會同心為主作見證, 叫這城市充滿上帝的愛和公義, 積極地迎接主臨。

Pastor Gabriel Ng, Community Outreach and Young Life Pastor (ext. 105, Gabriel.ng@jaffraychurch.org)

Pastor Gabriel grew up at the Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church and began working as a Full-Time Pastor in 2015. He graduated with a Pastoral Counselling Masters of Divinity from Tyndale Seminary, and had previously spent a few years working in a parachurch organization in the city core. He is enthusiastic about working with youth and people on the margins.