Hello, my name is Arthur. I am the pastor of the English-speaking congregation at Jaffray Alliance Church.

Jaffray church was planted in the east-end of Scarborough by Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong in the late 1980s. As the families began to grow, so was the need to establish an English-speaking ministry to minister to the children who are either born or being raised in Canada. What started out as a child and youth ministry in the early 1990s has now grown into a mature congregation, comprising of youth, families with children, and adults of all ages.

The “pillars” of the English Ministry are three-fold: worship, fellowship, and Christian Education. Our worship service starts at 9 am on Sunday mornings, calling people to worship God through songs, prayer, children teaching time, reading scripture, preaching, and Holy Communion. Everyone is welcomed at our services! Secondly, Mosaic Small Groups meets regularly, providing individuals with an environment to know one another on a deeper level, supporting one another, and walking with one another in life. Lastly, Christian Education helps us grow in the faith journey by seeking to understand – and this usually takes place during our Sunday School hour, from 11-12pm. These three pillars are grounded on the foundation of God’s love, which is found in none other than Jesus Christ, His Son. Our desire is to know Christ and make Him known to the world.

We hope you will find Jaffray to be a warm and welcoming place to call home. God bless you.