UPDATE: There will be a First Aid Training this Saturday, February 23,2019 from 9AM to 1PM. From 9AM to 10AM, there wil be training regarding emergency protocol. The first aid training will follow this promptly until 1PM. All Young Life personnel are encouraged to receive this training.

  1. Prayer Meeting will be held this Wednesday at 8pm.
  2. Hosanna Fellowship: “Bible Trivia Night ” this Friday at 8pm at Promiseland room.
  3. Adult Sunday School
    • January – March: The Holy Spirit with Andy Tse
    • April – June: Tim Keller’s Encounters with Jesus with Vince Ho
  4. The Norway STM information session will be held on TODAY from 12:30pm – 1:15pm in the
    Church Office basement. Please speak with Pastor Gabriel (Gabriel.ng@tjcac.org) if you have
    any questions.
  5. The Mandarin congregation will be hosting a community outreach carnival on Feb2 (Sat) from
    5-7pm, with food, game booths, performances gifts draw and a short message in Mandarin. All
    congregations are welcome to join. $5 for a meal ticket, free for age 12 or under. Please invite
    friends to join!
  6. Finance Department: The 2018 Offering Record has been posted on the East Entrance notice
    board. If you need an offering number or your home address has changed, please contact Andy
  7. Use of Church & Office
    • Please book rooms with the Office Administrator, Carmen, for use.
    • Keep areas clean and tidy, remembering to clean up after use. Remember to turn off lights
      and lock doors. If there is another group in the church, please let them know that they will
      be the last ones to leave.
    • For those who are locking up the church, please ensure that all the doors are locked, and that
      lights (incl. washrooms) are turned off, and to arm the alarm.
  8. The parking spots in front of the lift should be reserved for seniors or people with special
  9. CCCOWE Canada recently published the work of Dr. Enoch Wong, Listening to Their Voices:
    An Exploration of Faith Journeys of Canadian-Born Chinese Christian. Those who wish to
    learn more about the spiritual state of second generation Christians, particularly the
    Canadian-Born Chinese, are encouraged to read this work. This will help prepare for the
    church-wide leadership retreat to be held on Saturday July 6, 2019. The book is available in
    the West Foyer. You are encouraged to give a free-will offering (book value $30) to CCCOWE
    in support for their ministry.
  10. Staff News
    • Mrs. Mei Yee Lee will be away from Jan 21 to 29. She will go to Cambodia for mission trip.
    • Pastor Gabriel vacation: January 30 – February 5. Any concerns related to YLM please contact
      Mei Yee and for the English Ministry please contact the English Ministry Committee (EMC).