1. Joint Prayer Meeting will be held on this Wednesday at church at 8pm. We are going to pray for Rev. Samuel and Debbie Or’s needs in the joint prayer meeting. Please arrange time for it.
  2. Hosanna Fellowship: “Iron Chef” this Friday at the church kitchen at 8pm.
  3. Adult Sunday School
    April – June: Tim Keller’s Encounters with Jesus with Vince Ho
  4. Effective May 1st to October 31st, 2019, Elder William Ng will be on medical leave of absence from Elder Board duties. While he will make effort to join the FM department projects and participate in making significant Board decisions, day-to-day tasks will continue to be handled by the capable ministry team members. Elder Alfred Mo is the interim liaison with the FM team should any staff or congregation members need to contact the FM ministry. Please remember Elder William in your prayers for recovery rest and God’s healing.
  5. The English Ministry Committee (EMC) is away at a leadership this weekend. Please remember them in prayer as they seek the Lord’s heart for the upcoming year.
  6. Praise the Lord that the new District Superintendent (DS) of the ECD was elected this week in the District Conference. The new DS is Rev. Curtis Peters. Please pray for him, his wife Tricia, and their children.
  7. Port Union Waterfront Festival is fast approaching on Saturday, June 22nd. If you’re interested in helping out please email Pastor Gabe .