1. Prayer Meeting will be held this Wednesday at Pastor Kenny and Mindy’s place at 8pm.
  2. Hosanna Fellowship: “Hiking” this Friday at Port Union Trail.
  3. Outreach Ministry will be holding annual Light On A Hill Community Event on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 from 5PM to 8PM. It will be an eventful afternoon including a bouncy castle, BBQ dinner, presentation from Trail Mix, carwash and much more! We are currently looking for brothers and sisters to come out to help out. If you are interested, please speak with Nathan Cheng. He is usually found in KidZone on Sundays.
  4. Please donate preferably new or like new toys, board games, and or books towards our prizes at Trailmix. Please leave donations in the white house boardroom. If there are any questions please contact Benjamin Lee
  5. Pastor James Huang will be on vacation from July 16 to 18.

Table Talk Questions:

  1. Our journey with God is just as important as reaching our destinations and goals. What
    is the work God does in the midst of the journey, before we even reach our
    destinations? What is a destination you are trying to reach and how has your journey
  2. Our world values those who are attractive, skilled, competent, moral, strong, etc. God in
    his grace surprises us over and over again when he chooses the weak and undesirable
    ones to do his great work. Can you share and describe how you have been a recipient of
    God’s grace? Or having you been struggling to know God’s grace these days and feel as
    though you will only be accepted if you are a certain kind of person?
  3. We find our greatest purpose as God’s people. Do you agree/disagree? Explain. Is our
    purpose as God’s people a reality in our lives? Do we find serving as God’s people a
    blessing or merely work?