1.    Thank You Elder Vincent
We want to thank Elder Vincent for preaching and bringing God’s word to our church.

2.    Trail Mix VBS
Trail Mix VBS will take place online in the summer from July 13 to August 21. The job postings for the VBS have been posted on the website at https://tjcac.org/trailmix-2/
Anyone between the age of 16-30 y/o is eligible to apply. Please contact Pastor Gabriel (Gabriel.ng@tjcac.org) for more information.

3.    Mission Fund
Our mission fund is experiencing a substantial short fall that will impact our ability to support missionaries and their ministries. If you have a heart for missions or if you feel God prompting you, please give generously to God’s work.

4.    Offering
Currently, there are two options to make weekly offerings:
i. E-transfer with on-line form detailing accompanying breakdown and account number to the church found at www.tjcac.org
ii. Post mailing cheque with accompanying breakdown and account number to the church.
Additional options are being explored and will be announced as they become available.

5.     Summer Missions Sharing
We will have 4 Sunday’s during July and August where people in our congregation will share how they are living as missionaries right here in our city. I believe this will be a time to be inspired and encouraged. Here are the dates:

July 12 – Holly & Caleb Chau
July 19 – Bonnie Wong
Aug 9 – David Wong
Aug 16 – Elder Vincent Ho