1. Church Reopening
After considering the reopening guidelines from the Ontario and Toronto Governments, the best practices of other churches, the survey results from our church family, input from the pastors and vice-chairs of each ministry committee, the Elder Board resolved for the church building to remain closed for in person services for the month of July even though the government allows in person worship of up to 30% capacity.

We will continue our preparation for reopening by:

  1. Praying and Reflecting Together: While keeping physical distance, we will gather the ministry teams to lift up the building and the body of Christ in prayer.  We will also discern and reflect on what we have learned during this time of physical distance before the Lord, to establish how we are to move on as a church family with the New Normal.
  2. Setting up the Health and Safety Infrastructure:  We will compile a set of health and safety guidelines for ministry teams to follow.  Ministry teams will need to recruit volunteers, with commitments to fulfill the new responsibilities and guidelines, before reopening. 
  3. Live streaming Sunday Worship Services:  There might be an ongoing need for some members to join Sunday Worship Services virtually even after reopening.  We will increase the capacity for Audio Visual equipment and volunteers during this time of preparation.

The Board of Elders will continue to monitor on a  monthly basis in order to determine the exact reopening date.  Please join us in prayer and in renewing your commitment to serving your Jaffray church family.

2. Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting will be held today in Zoom at 12:30pm. All members are encouraged to attend. The agenda, active membership list and 2019 Annual report has been emailed to the members.

3. Summer Missions Sharing
Bonnie Wong will be doing her missions sharing with us at 11am. Please join us for a time of testimony and learning but also for God to stir our hearts to live the Christian life of missions. You should have received a zoom link during the announcements.

Aug 9 – Dr. David Wong
Aug 30 – Elder Vincent Ho