1. After considering the reopening guidelines from the Ontario and Toronto Governments, the best practices of other churches, the survey results from our church family, input from the pastors and vice-chairs of each ministry committee, the Elder Board resolved for the church building to remain closed for in person services for the month of July even though the government allows in person worship of up to 30% capacity. The Board of Elders will continue to monitor on a  monthly basis in order to determine the exact reopening date.  Please join us in prayer and in renewing your commitment to serving your Jaffray church family.
  2. Communion & Benediction: Immediately after these announcements, we will be having communion over our Zoom meeting followed by the benediction. Please prepare your own communion elements to participate.
  3. Joint Prayer Meeting: Join prayer meeting will be held this Wednesday at 8pm via online Zoom meeting. We will pray for “The New Normal of the Church after Pandemic: English, Children and Youth Ministry”.
  4. Church Reopening Information Session: There will be an information session for Re-Opening the church building. Here are the details:
    • Host: Elder Board
    • Date: Sun of Aug 16, 2020
    • Time: 12:30pm
    • Place: Zoom
    • Purpose: Information Session of Church Reopening.
  1. Pray For Canada
    Pray for Canada Ministries would like to invite you to an Interdenominational Zoom Prayer meeting for Canada on Saturday, Aug.8, 2020 between 10am till 12:30pm. Find out what God is doing in our midst. Daisy Wai, MPP from Richmond Hill, Rev. Curtis Peters, Eastern District C&MA superintendent, Matthew Gibbins from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Alvin Koh from MissionGTA are among our distinguished guests. Eric and Carrie Mok will be leading worship. If you would like to register for this event, please contact Elaine Ho at prayforcanada@rogers.com
  2. Summer Missions Sharing
    The next summer missions sharing will take place over zoom on the following dates at 11am:
    Aug 9 – Dr. David Wong
    Aug 30 – Elder Vincent Ho
  3. Pastor Samuel Or will be on vacation from July 27 to Aug 10.