1. Thank You Pastor Brian
Thank you to our Senior Pastor, Brian for preaching God’s word to us today.

2. Sam & Emily’s Wedding
Sam Prima and Emily Leung will be married today at 2pm. You can find a link to the livestream of their wedding at the website https://withjoy.com/emilyandsamuel/welcome. You can send financial gifts via e-transfer to the email emilyleung95@gmail.com.

3. Summer Missions Sharing
Our final summer missions sharing with Elder Vincent will be on Sunday, Aug 30 at 11am on
zoom. The zoom link will be sent out on that day. Please join us for these powerful testimonies.

4. Staff Vacation
Pastor Gabe will be on vacation from Aug 24 – Sept 7. Please pray for a time of rest,
physical/mental/emotional renewal, and spiritual restoration.