1. Thank You Rev. Victor Shepherd
I want to thank Rev. Victor Shepherd for preaching God’s word to our house today and continuing to be a gift to the church at large.

2. English Worship Re-opening
The English Ministry Committee has decided not to re-open for worship for the next 3 months with infection cases going up, the potential harsher second wave, and flu season approaching. We believe this is in the best interest of our English congregation for safety and ministry at this time. Our hope is that we can still make the most of our next 3 months.

3. Communion and Benediction
Right after these pre-record announcements we will be having communion and our benediction on our Zoom worship gathering. Please have your elements ready to receive Jesus Christ in faith.

4. Missions Fund
We want to encourage those who are able to go above and beyond in their giving to consider our missions fund. Our missions fund supports missionaries like Pastor Ivy and Glen in Norway. We had a chance to pray with them this past Wednesday and we would like to share a video from them.

5. Sunday School
Our study on Nehemiah will continue today at 11am on Zoom. A Zoom link has been sent out. Please join us for a time to read God’s word and consider how it forms our lives.

6. Staff News
Pastor Brian (Senior Pastor) will be away on vacation from Oct. 1-12. Please pray for his studies in deeper life and time to rest.