1. Department Posts for Elders
We thank God that the departmental posts for 2021/2022 have been allocated to the following elders. Do remember them in your prayers.
Alfred Mo – Vice Chair (Acting Chair)
Sam Wong – Deputy Vice Chair /Treasurer
Vincent Ho – Secretary / Mission Dept.
William Ng – Facility Management
Cassandra Cheng – Strategy & Operations

2. Joint Christmas Service
The Joint Christmas Service will be held on Sunday Dec. 20 at 10:30am. We will gather on Zoom to worship together and the Zoom link will be sent out next week.

3. YLM Christmas Celebration
YLM Christmas Celebration will be held on December 20, 3-4pm on Google Meet. We will have Singing carols, nativity skit, read aloud story, thanksgiving and sharing. Please invite your friends to come join us as we celebrate the coming of Jesus!

4. Christmas Eve Gathering
We will be gathering on Thursday Dec 24 at 5pm on Zoom for a time to focus on Christ and reflect on the past year as we enter Christmas. And leading up to this event, we ask that you reach out to at least 1 person you haven’t seen at church, or a neighbor or co-worker who needs some grace this year.

5. Deadline for 2020 Donations:
* Electronic transfer of contributions must be transferred before 6:00 pm on December 31.
* Mail or hand delivery to the church must be before noon on December 24.
Donations received after the above dates will be issued as 2021 tax receipt.

6. Deadline For 2020 Expenses
The deadline to make claims for 2020 expenses for church ministries is Jan 3, 2021. Please complete the Cheque Requisition Form with your departmental deacon or/and elder approval signature and supporting documentation.

7. Staff News
Rev. Samuel Or will be on vacation from Dec 22 to Jan 3.