1. Communion
    For the sake of hygiene, please discard the used communion cups to the garbage bin outside the sanctuary. Thank you for your cooperation.
  2. Sunday School
    Our introductory study on Ezra-Nehemiah will continue starting TODAY in the White House basement from 11am-12pm
  3. Envision Summit 2020 – Dreaming Kingdom Dreams
    A leadership conference that offers young leaders the opportunity to learn and also apply their skills to missions with faith-in-action. Learn to collaborate, share and create initiatives that have a Gospel engagement locally and globally
    Date: May 11-14, 2020
    Location: Queens Christian Alliance Church (Queens, NY)
    Registration: $299 CAD (max 150 participants)
    For more information and registration details, check out https://envisioncanada.org/summit/ and/or talk to Lianne So
  4. Joint Summer Retreat
    Please save the date for this year’s summer retreat at the Redeemer University in Hamilton. Starting in the evening on Friday, July 3 and ending after lunch on Sunday, July 5. Further details to follow.
  5. Trailmix VBS – Great Big Beautiful World
    This year the children will learn about God’s power and creativity in his creation. Camp will run from July 13-31, 2020. Please contact Pastor Gabriel (children.tjcac@gmail.com) and check the website: www.tjcac.org/trailmix-2 for more information.
  6. 2019 Offering Receipts
    TODAY is the last day for picking up your 2019 Offering Receipts, please contact Vivian Ng after English service. If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Andy Pak (paksdimsum@gmail.com).
  7. Parking
    The parking spots in front of the lift should be reserved for seniors or people with special needs.
  8. Daylight Saving Time
    The Daylight Saving time will begin next early Sunday morning. Please move our clock forward before we go to bed this coming Saturday night.
  9. Prayer for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Please pray for God to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China:
    a) the local Chinese to be protected from the infection,
    b) wisdom of the various governments to effect policy to control the spread of the virus,
    c) people from affected areas be willing to follow government policies to stop the spread of the virus.
    Please be advised that Governments from different countries are discouraging travel to the epidemic areas at this time. If you return to Canada after travel from the affected areas, please follow good public health practices and take a personal quarantine in your home for 14 days after your return to prevent the spread of the virus. If you have any signs of illness (fever, cough & cold etc.), please stay at home.
    Before confirming any travel arrangements to the epidemic areas, please check for the latest travel advisories and warnings: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html