1. Online Sunday Worship
    Due to the COVID-19, March 15, 22, 29 and April 5 Sunday Worship will be held online. There will be no gathering on these dates in church.
  2. Church Gatherings
    Sunday School classes will be postponed until worship service gatherings resume. Small groups and fellowships will no longer have physical gatherings but are encouraged to meet together online.
  3. Annual General Meeting
    Annual General Meeting date has been changed to April 26 at 12:30pm. All members are encouraged to attend. The agenda, active membership list and 2019 financial report have been posted on the bulletin board. A consultation meeting will be held on April 19 at 12:30pm at B2. All members are welcome. Additional proposed agenda items for consideration by the Board should be submitted in writing to Rev. Brian Wong, Chair, or Vincent Ho, Secretary, on or before 9am on April 19.
    2019 Annual Report is ready to be picked up outside the sanctuary. (1 copy per family)
  4. Joint Summer Retreat “An Incarnational Life”
    Please save the date for this year’s summer retreat at the Redeemer University in Hamilton. Starting in the evening on Friday, July 3 and ending after lunch on Sunday, July 5. More information will be forthcoming regarding registration now that we are no longer gathering for worship.
  5. Online Worship Service Streaming
    In order to participate in our worship service live stream, please download the Church App Live from the app store on your phone, open the app, click international for region and then select Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church. On your computer, you can simply go to https://stream.streamingchurch.tv/stream.php?churchid=church9557
  6. Prayer for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Please pray for God to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China:
    a) the local Chinese to be protected from the infection,
    b) wisdom of the various governments to effect policy to control the spread of the virus,
    c) people from affected areas be willing to follow government policies to stop the spread of the virus.Please be advised that Governments from different countries are discouraging travel to the epidemic areas at this time. If you return to Canada after travel from the affected areas, please follow good public health practices and take a personal quarantine in your home for 14 days after your return to prevent the spread of the virus. If you have any signs of illness (fever, cough & cold etc.), please stay at home.Before confirming any travel arrangements to the epidemic areas, please check for the latest travel advisories and warnings: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html