1. Joint Good Friday Service
We will have a joint Good Friday Worship Service with other Chinese Alliance church English congregations on April 10, 2020. The video will be streamed on the ECD C&MA Facebook page at 10am. The web address is www.facebook.com/ECDCMA/videos

2. Joint Jaffray Easter Service
The Easter Sunday, Apr 12, 2020 service will be pre-recorded and posted via YouTube. The links to the YouTube channels can be found at www.tjcac.org. Please prepare your own communion elements of juice and bread so we can have communion together.

3. Church Closure
In full compliance with government authorities, the church building is closed for in person services. We shall continue to monitor government updates and assess re-opening at our Elder Board meeting on Apr 25, 2020, or earlier if appropriate.

4. 2020 Leadership Retreat
The 2020 Leadership Retreat, “Listening To Their Voices,” led by Dr. Enoch Wong has tentatively been rescheduled to Jun 20, 2020 if the church building is re-opened. Re-confirmation will be provided by end of May.

5. 2020 Summer Retreat
The 2020 Church Summer Retreat will be postponed to 2022.

6. Offering
To participate in offering you can send an e-transfer to treasury@tjcac.org and fill out an online offering form on our website www.tjcac.org detailing the breakdown and account number to the church. Or you can mail or hand deliver your offering to our church detailing the breakdown and account number. The church address can be found on our website as well. For additional options, you can contact Pastor Ken.

7. Zoom
The church has set up several Zoom accounts to facilitate online virtual meetings and fellowships. To schedule a virtual meeting for you group or ministry, or help on using the tool, please contact Elder Alfred: Email: alfred.mo@gmail.com, Cell: (416) 528-2158