Date: May 9, 2021
Scripture Reader: Amanda Yu
Speaker: Pastor Ken Kim
Passage: 1 John 2:18-27

“When was the last time we lived with Jesus’ return in mind?”
“Where are we abiding today? Are we in that place that we’re supposed to be or are we being led astray? Are we being misled?”
“As a Christian, do you know what you stand for? Do you know what you’re supposed to firm in?”
“Come back to the Gospel that led to your conversion. That teaching that you received when you first became Christian.”
“For us today, that means abiding, remaining, soaking in God’s Word, the Bible. Letting the Bible teach us about the Gospel.”
“We have to know the Gospel. We have to know the pillars of our faith. If we remove these pillars, everything just crumbles in our faith.”
“Coming back to the Truth is something we also have to do. We need to constantly come back to understanding the Gospel. We have to constantly come back to remaining and abiding in God’s Word.”
“When Christ chooses us and anoints us, He gives us the Holy Spirit.”
“Yes we have to abide in God’s Word. We have to go to God’s Word, but it’s to be done in the power of the Spirit to reveal Truth and to bring us into contact with God.”
“God’s Word becomes crystalized and cemented in our lives. We see our lives changed by God’s Word when the Holy Spirit reveals Truth and convicts us of Truth.”
“If we are Christian and we have the Holy Spirit, we can trust that God will prompt us and point us to the Truth.”
“God has given His Word and His Spirit, so that our lives can be secure and can be in a proper place [which is abiding in Jesus Christ].”
“Are you abiding in God’s Word today? Are you praying for God to reveal the Word to you? You have to ask the Spirit for His help for your life to be empowered by the Spirit, but you also need to be abiding in God’s Word. Both have to happen.”