1. Elder Installation
2021/2022 Elder Installation held today immediately after our worship video. Do remember them in your prayers.
Alfred Mo – Vice Chair (Acting Chair)
Sam Wong – Deputy Vice Chair /Treasurer
Vincent Ho – Secretary / Mission Dept.
William Ng – Facility Management
Cassandra Cheng – Strategy & Operations 

2. Communion & Benediction
Immediately after the elder installation, we will have communion and the benediction live on Zoom. Please have your elements ready to receive Christ together.

3. Sunday School
Sunday School is taking our regular break from January to February and will be back in March.

4. Jaffray English Email List
Are you receiving emails from the church? If you would like to add your email to our email list, please send it to kennethkim@tjcac.org.

5. Deadline For Claims
The deadline to make claims for 2020 expenses for church ministries is today. Please complete the Cheque Requisition Form with your departmental deacon or/and elder approval signature and supporting documentation.