In 2008, Jaffray adopted the C&MA’s Plan to Protect: Protection Procedures and Policy for Children Age 12 and under as its official manual for the Children Ministry. Since then, many steps have been taken in order to follow the guidelines in the document. From mandatory Plan to Protect training to police reference checks, these steps were implemented to ensure that children are physically, emotionally, and spiritually protected when in the care of Jaffray church.

However, much work remains to be done. We must continue to do due diligence to assure parents/guardians Jaffray is a safe environment for their children. In order to better adhere to the Plan to Protect guidelines for children’s security, washroom guidelines, architectural precautions (2.6), emergencies, and lockdown procedures, the Board of Elders approved the creation of “KidZone” in 2014.

Overview of KidZone

KidZone is an enclosed area in the basement of the main building where it is only accessible by children and authorized ministry staff members. Non-staff parents, caregivers, guardians, and visitors are only allowed inside KidZone on a provisional basis.

KidZone Hours: (1) Sundays from 8:45 to 12:30 pm, and (2) any special Young Life ministry program as required.

KidZone has the following features:

  1. Front entrance of KidZone is staffed by greeters to ensure only children and authorized persons enter.
  2. KidZone Hallway is “patrolled” by at least one Hallway Monitor to ensure safety.
  3. All Young Life Ministry Committee-approved staff are issued IDs that are worn at all times inside KidZone.
  4. Security cameras and hardline telephones are installed inside and outside KidZone. All entries and exits from KidZone are recorded.