1st Rouge Valley Scouts


We run weekly meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm at the Fellowship Hall from September to June.

For more information, call Pastor Gabriel Ng at 416-282-2063 ext.105 or email scouts@tjcac.org.

To join us, find 1st Rouge Valley Scout Group on myscouts.ca!

The Canadian Path is an exciting new program that focuses on six program areas: the Environment and Outdoors, Leadership, Active and Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression, and Beliefs & Values.

The Canadian Path will carry on these program areas through four key Elements: Youth-Led, Adventure, Plan-Do-Review, and SPICES. Youth-Led focuses on youth setting goals, deciding their own fun adventures and challenging themselves to try new experiences. Adventure runs throughout the very fabric of Scouting. It breaths learning with friends and taking on fun challenges for the first time. Plan-Do-Review is a process which the Scouting Program uses to organize safe, fun Scouting Adventures. SPICES is an acronym that lists six attributes that develop youth in a holistic way. SPICES aim to develop youth Socially, Physically, Intellectually, Character, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


我們在 TJCAC 第一紅谷童軍小組的使命有三個:為我們的社區服務,通過基督的福音分享基督的愛,以及在一個整體計劃中培養年輕人,使他們成為全面發展的個人。

Community Service

Youth in our scout’s program will have many opportunities to get involved in their local church and community. Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self are engrained in the fabric of the Scouting Movement. Youth will fulfill their scouting duties by providing meaningful services to their families, churches, and communities. Our vision is to raise up community-minded and socially-minded scouting youth that will serve as leaders who contribute to the well-being of society for both today and the future.


One of the most defining factors that set the 1st Rouge Valley Scout Group apart from other scout groups is our commitment to sharing the love of Christ to our scout members and their respective families. Every weekly meeting, the Bible will be opened and scouts will learn the life-changing truth from God’s Word. Our vision is to raise up a generation of young Christians who live out Biblical values of love, justice, and stewardship over God’s creation.

Holistic Youth Development

We are dedicated to developing our youth through SPICES. Through our outdoor camp programs, church involvement, and community service, our youth members will be able to grow in all aspects of Social, Physical, Intellectual, Characterful, Emotional, and Spiritual development. Our vision is to train youth to become well-rounded individuals who exemplify the qualities of Christ in their schools, churches, and local communities.

Cubs and Scouts Program

TJCAC offers the scouting program to youth aged 5 to 14 (Beavers, Cubs, and Scout sections). Scouts strive to live by the Scout Promise, the Scout Law, and the Scout Motto. As scouts gain skills and experience on their journey of the Canadian Path, they will also be able to work towards their Chief Scout Award, the highest award in the scout section. Youth will be able to plan and lead their own adventures under the guidance of experienced Scouters from other successful scout groups such as 33rd Agincourt and 11th Toronto. Our Scouters would be more than happy to share their skills and experience with our youth. During our outdoor camping trips, youth will be able to participate in many different activities including swimming, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, pelletry, archery, biking, rappelling, canoeing, kayaking, pioneering, and learning survival skills. Our Scouters will journey through the Canadian path with the youth while assisting them to earn their Chief Scout Award. Our weekly meetings are held on Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Fellowship Hall.