News Update 2021-03-26

The pandemic in Ontario is still unstable. At this time, TJCAC remains closed for all in-person services, and will continue only with virtual services. Re-opening of the Church for in-person services will be re-assessed in June 2021. Please continue to pray for all ministry activities. During this period, Pastors and Office are continuing with their work. Please call in the church number, email or other means to keep in contact.


報告更新 2021-03-26



报告更新 2021-03-26


Church Leadership Training
教會領袖講座         Jun 12, 2021

Church Leadership Workshop 【Team Leadership:Collaboration between Pastors, Elders and Deacons】will be held in English on Zoom on Saturday, June 12, 2021, 10:00am – 12:30pm. Speaker: Rev. Joe Kok. The workshop will cover: Church Management, Team Leadership, Individual Accountabilities, Roles and Functions of the Elder Board, etc. All pastors, current/past elders, deacons, ministry committee members, cell group leaders and all brothers and sisters who are willing to serve are invited. To register, please go to

教會領袖講座【團隊領導:教牧與長執的配搭】於6月12日(週六)上午10時至12時30分網上舉行,講員為郝繼勇牧師,英語主講。講座內容:教會的治理、教牧與長執:隊工與分工、長議會的角色與功能等。邀請所有牧者,現任/曾任長老、執事、職員,事工委員,小組組長及有心事奉的弟兄姊妹參加。 報名請點擊 ↑