Date: March 28, 2021
Scripture Reader: Vivian Ng
Speaker: Pastor Ken Kim
Passage: Matthew 26:36-46

“When we pray ‘not my will but Yours be done’, we are laying down self-centeredness; that life is all about me. We are laying down self-sufficiency; it’s just all about what I do and what I can do. We are laying down self-salvation; I’m going to make the decision to save myself. When we pray ‘Your will be done’, we’re coming back to where we are created for and designed for and that’s to live with God and for God.”

“The sin of being our own gods, it slips in everywhere. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus reverses this. Jesus lays down His will for the will of the Father. And it is in Jesus’s strength that God bring us into our own Gethsemane. […] God has agonies for us to walk through too. Why? Because He loves us and He doesn’t want us to live a life where we are our own gods. It’s the only way sometimes to bring us back to Himself, to reconcile us back to Himself, to make us whole again and restore us.”
“This is what we lose out on is that when we live for ourselves and we’re living for my will. We miss out on all the reconciliation that God wants to do, all restoration God wants to do, all true work of God that God wants to do.”
“God is not asking us all to be martyrs. But being a Christian is to pray and live a life where ‘not my will, but Your will be done.’ That defines us.