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Pastoral Team & Office Admin

Pastor Kenneth Kim

Pastor Kenneth Kim

English Pastor

Kenneth Kim graduated from Tyndale Seminary with a Masters in Divinity in theology. His past experiences include pastoring in the multi-ethnic, Korean and Chinese church contexts since 2008. He enjoys studying God’s word, preaching and teaching, and the fellowship of believers. His desire is to grow in worship and prayer.

(ext.102, kennethkim@tjcac.org)

Pastor Gabriel Ng

Pastor Gabriel Ng

Community Outreach and Young Life Pastor

Pastor Gabriel grew up at the Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church and began working as a Full-Time Pastor in 2015. He graduated with a Pastoral Counselling Masters of Divinity from Tyndale Seminary, and had previously spent a few years working in a parachurch organization in the city core. He is enthusiastic about working with youth and people on the margins.

(ext. 105, Gabriel.Ng@jaffraychurch.org)

Rev. James Huang

Rev. James Huang

Mandarin Pastor

Pastor James grew up in Taiwan and began working as a full-time pastor in 2018. He graduated with a Master of Divinity from China Evangelical Seminary in 2008 (Taiwan) and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies, concentration on NT) from McMaster Divinity College in 2012 (Canada). Before joining Toronto Jaffray Alliance Church, he had served in the Mandarin Congregation of Agincourt Church (Toronto) for four years.

(ext.103, James.Huang@tjcac.org)

Eliza Ng

Admin Assistant

(ext.100, office@tjcac.org)

Pastor Ken Cheng (KC)

Pastor Ken Cheng (KC)

Cantonese Pastor

Pastor Ken graduated from Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong with a Master of Divinity (major in Pastoral Affairs) in 2010, and also a Master of Divinity (major in Marriage and Family Counseling) in 2020. The same year he obtained a doctorate in education (major in educational leadership and administration) in Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Before joining Jaffray Alliance in Toronto, he served as a pastor in the Logos Baptist Church (York Region) and a volunteer preacher in Markham Christian Community Church.
Pastor Ken (KC) enjoys hiking, reading, studying the Bible and teaching Sunday School.  Desire to deepen spiritually and spread the gospel with brothers and sisters, and practice the Lord’s Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-40) and Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

(ext.107, ken.cheng@tjcac.org)

2024 Elders Team:


Acting-Chair/ Vice-Chair / YLM Elder Advisor:
Vincent Ho
Acting Vice-Chair/Treasurer/ Finance Dept./EM Elder Advisor: Herman Mo
Secretary/ Mission Dept./ CM Elder Advisor: Cynthia So
Facilities Management / Operations/ MM Elder Advisor: Cassandra Cheng
Strategy, Young LIfe Ministry Advisor: Belinda Cheng


Ministry Teams (Deacons and Non-Deacons)

English Ministry Committee (EMC)

Chair/Cell Group:Pastor Kenneth Kim  
Vice Chair: Caleb Chau
Secretary/Worship :Jonathan Mui
Finance Dept.:Vivian Ng
Christian Education:Jaydon Lau
Secretary/Mission:David Wong
Caring & Prayer Ministry:Elaine Ho
Young Adults Ministry:Holly Chau                                      FM/AV:Micheal Lau

Cantonese Ministry Committee (CMC)

Chair/ Christian Education/ Fellowship:Pastor Ken Cheng
Vice Chair:Stanley Pak
Finance Dept.:Donna Leung
Worship:Gloria Pak
Family Ministry:Wilman Lau
Evangelism:Alan Leung
Mission Dept.:Emily Shiu
Caring:Cathy Mo

Mandarin Ministry Committee (MMC)

Rev. James Huang(Chair) and the committee

Young Life Ministry Committee (YLMC)

Chair:Pastor Gabriel Ng
Vice Chair/Christian Education:Mindy Kim
Finance/Children Ministry:Timothy Cheng
Secretary/Youth Ministry:Nathan Cheng
Family Ministry:Kassandra Leung   
Administration:Kimberly Pak, non-deacon
Coordinator:Ivy Soo, non-deacon
Nursery Coordinator:Olivia Ting, non-deacon

Joint Events Committee (JEC)

Josephine Lam, Nathan Cheng, Jonathan Mui, Patrick Ng, Ricky Wong, Raymond Yu

Missions Committee

Cynthia So, David Wong, Mindy Kim