Date: April 11, 2021
Scripture Reader: Joshua Lau
Speaker: Pastor Ken Kim
Passage: 1 John 1:1-4

“When we know the truth of Jesus Christ, then we have the Word of Life. A message that has the power to make us alive and restore us. When we distort the truth of who Jesus Christ is, there’s no life in that message, our faith breaks down.”
“Jesus is THE pillar of our faith. When Jesus Christ and His identity and the truth of who He really is breaks down, our faith crumbles.”
“True Christian fellowship is a deep participation firstly in the life of Christ that leads to participation together as a family of God and the mutual commitment to the task of proclaiming the Gospel.”
“However you are doing with God, however we are doing with God, that’s going to show up in our fellowship. We can’t hide that and we can’t manufacture that. We can’t force that to happen.”
“Where 1 John is going with authentic koinonia fellowship is that we can only have that as we have the truth and fellowship of Jesus Christ the Word of Life.”
“1 John is written so that those who are drifting away come back to walking the truth of Jesus Christ. Those who are weak in their faith, who are not sure where they stand, who are confused. They have assurance of their salvation.”