1. Jaffray English Email List
Are you receiving emails from the church? If you would like to receive information regarding worship, events, prayer meetings and other important announcements, please send your email address to kennethkim@tjcac.org.

2. 2021 Testimonies
7 Lives
One Story
For God’s Name & Glory
Dates: Sunday May 16 & 30 at 11am on Zoom

3. Summer Student Jobs
Praise the Lord we have been approved for 6 Summer Jobs! Anyone between 16-30 is eligible to apply. The job postings and information are available at tjcac.org/trailmix-2021/trailmix-job-postings/

4. Trail Mix VBS
Theme: Great Big Beautiful World
Dates:  July 19-30, August 9-20
Information and registration is available at tjcac.org/trailmix-2021
Contact Pastor Gabriel (Gabriel.ng@tjcac.org) if there are any questions.

5. Communion & Benediction
Right after the announcements we will have communion and benediction live on our Zoom meeting. Please prepare your elements to receive Jesus Christ.