1. Jaffray English Email List
Are you receiving emails from the church? If you would like to receive information regarding worship, events, prayer meetings and other important announcements, please send your email address to kennethkim@tjcac.org.

2. Communion
Right after these announcements, we will have communion together live in our Sunday Zoom gathering.

3. Pastoral Search Prayer Meeting
This prayer meeting will be held this Wednesday at 9:30pm-10:00pm via online Zoom meeting.

4. Church Leadership Workshop
Church Leadership Workshop will be held in English on Zoom on Saturday, June 12, 2021, 10:00am – 12:30pm. Speaker: Rev. Joe Kok.  The workshop will cover: Church Management, Team Leadership, Individual Accountabilities, Roles and Functions of the Elder Board, etc.  All pastors, current/past elders, deacons, ministry committee members, cell group leaders and all brothers and sisters who are willing to serve are invited. To register, please go to https://forms.gle/KSeNV1VMu9adsVo87.

5. YLM Worship
Starting June, 13, YLM Worship will take place over Zoom from 10:15am – 10:50am, and the lesson recording will be provided in the afternoon. Please speak with Pastor Gabriel if you have any questions.

6. Trail Mix VBS
Theme: Great Big Beautiful World
Dates:  July 19-30, August 9-20
Information and registration is available at tjcac.org/trailmix-2021

Contact Pastor Gabriel (Gabriel.ng@tjcac.org) if there are any questions. 

7. Trail Mix Team Hiring
Praise the Lord, we have hired Josen Liu as the AV Technician. This is a part-time position and the work term will be from June 1 – November 5. We have also hired, Randy Ai, Julian Fung, Mike Liu, and Jason Si as VBS Camp Leaders. Their work term will be from June 14 – August 27