1. Kimberly Pak’s Testimony & Sharing
Join us at 11am for Kimberly Pak’s testimony and sharing on Zoom. Zoom link sent out to those on our email list.

2. In-person Worship Registration
For those who want to attend our worship in-person, you can do so by filling out this registration form https://forms.gle/GPQ66McV5Tkz56fA7. The form opens every Tuesday and closes every week on Saturday at 12 noon.

3. Mosiac Small Groups
We believe that living in Christian community is essential for our spiritual growth and maturity. If you are not already part of a small group and would like to join one, please fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fviO7WfRHoynrEgmjVAy4oEfx-7wMzkwKcAJ8Tl3pfY/edit. You can also find the form on our website www.tjcac.org.

4. Sunday School
Our Introduction to Hermeneutics class will be on break today for Thanksgiving and will continue next Sunday at 12 noon. Please join us next week, and feel free to bring your lunch.

5. Jaffray English Email List
Are you receiving emails from the church? If you would like to receive information regarding worship, events, prayer meetings and other important announcements, please send a request to kennethkim@tjcac.org to join the email list.

6. Pastoral Search Prayer Meeting
Our prayer meeting for a senior pastor will be held this Wednesday at 7:15-7:45pm on Zoom

7. Missions
Through prayer, discernment, and God opening opportunities, we will work with Pinceau Wong of International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC) to fulfill the great commission and reach the nations as a congregation. We are excited for God to continue leading us in His mission and there will be more details coming soon.

8. Jaffray Reopening
TJCAC is planning to open for in person activity for all ministry related events and meetings by following the COVID19 Safety Plan starting Sep 5, 2021, in compliance with all government regulations.  Please complete room bookings with Carmen, Church Admin Assistant (office@tjcac.org), and appoint a ministry secretary for every event to keep records of attendance for future contact tracing.  Of note, outdoor Jaffray events do not require pre-registration, but only onsite COVID19 active screening. 

General Mission Building Thanksgiving Benevolent Others Total
Cantonese 4,915.00 1,740.00 1,470.00 950.00 0.00 0.00 $9,075.00
Mandarin  3,040.00 610.00 0.00 500.00 0.00 0.00 $4,150.00
English 2,565.00 1,928.00 1,728.00 100.00 0.00 0.00 $6,321.00
YTD Offering $300,474 $105,007 $43,468 $30,695 $1,921 $164 $481,729
YTD Budget $443,901 $113,846 $152,465 $710,212