Date: April 25, 2021
Scripture Reader: Joshua Lau
Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Kim
Passage: 1 John 2:3-11

“The first mark of a Christian is the mark of obedience.”
“Those who claim to know God are characterized by a love for God that flows out to obedience.”
“If we claim to be a Christian, we should be seeing growth in belief, but also in obedience and good works.”
“God’s grace is not only forgiveness for our sin, but deliverance and freedom from sin. Obedience, a new life in Christ.”
“If we claim to know God and have intimacy with Him, obedience cannot mean nothing in our lives.”
“If we claim to be Christian, would we open ourselves up to God and let Him put His Hand in every area of our lives where there needs to be repentance and obedience?”
“If we claim to know God, we should see the marks of relationship and how to relate to other people, how to treat other people, our brothers and sisters in Christ.”
“It makes sense the loving God’s family is part of our identity and a part of our way of life.”
“If we claim to be Christian today, do we have the mark of loving one another as Christ has loved us?”
“If we are claiming to be Christian, how are we living, do we have the love for one another, where we’re coming to Church – even if there’s nothing in it for me – for their good, for their well-being, for their benefit and blessing.”
“To be loving others is to be in a safe place, but for those who hate their brother or sister… will lose the Truth to guide them.”
“There is real danger when there is hate in our lives… that you lose grasp of the Truth that is to guide us.”
“If we claim that we are a believer today, that we know God, is coming before and saying ‘God. Make obedience in my life right before You. Make love in my life right before You.”