1. In view of the rapid rising COVID cases, the Elder Board has decided to suspend all in-person worship until further notice. 

2. Jaffray English Email List
Are you receiving emails from the church? If you would like to receive information regarding worship, events, prayer meetings and other important announcements, please send a request to kennethkim@tjcac.org to join the email list.

3. Baptism & Membership Classes
If you would like to be baptized, want to become a member of Jaffray or need to do a membership transfer, please email Pastor Ken at kennethkim@tjcac.org. Baptism and membership classes will begin on Sunday, February 6, 11am-12pm on Zoom and run for 4 weeks.

3. Prayer Meeting
Prayer meeting continues this Wednesday at 8pm on Zoom. Please join the email list for the Zoom link.

5. 2021 Total Offering Records
Please check your email for 2021 total offering records.  Kindly check your offering amount if it is correct. Please contact Deacon Andy Pak (cashier@tjcac.org) should you have any questions.  

6. Lunar New Year Outreach to International Students
Saturday January 29, 2022, 6pm
Jaffray in collaboration with Pin Wong of ISM-C

  • Delivering a Meal, Snacks, Clementine, and Red Pocket
  • Online Kahoot Game, sharing of CNY experience
  • Virtual dine with students

Interested in joining or helping? Please contact David Wong or Pastor Ken davidtaiwong@gmail.com or pastorkenkim@gmail.com

General Mission Building Thanksgiving Benevolent Others Total
Cantonese 5,447.00 937.00 350.00 260.00 0.00 0.00 $6,994.00
Mandarin  1,218.00 115.00 10.00 85.00 10.00 0.00 $1,438.00
English 10,886.72 100.00 250.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $11,236.72
YTD Offering $106,525 $6,525 $2,778 $865 $120 $0 $116,813
YTD Budget $33,545 $8,538 $11,375 $53,458