1. Policies for Indoor Services
While following all of Ontario’s updated COVID 19 public health measures and advice detailed in our safety plan, starting Apr 1, 2022, the following changes for indoor services are in effect at TJCAC:

  • capacity limits and physical distance mandates have been lifted
  • pre-registration for attendance is no longer required
  • other protective measures, such as mask/face covering requirements, hand sanitizing, and passive screening remain in place

TJCAC encourages all attendees to meet in person for the Lord calls us together, and we will reassess our indoor policies and procedures monthly to support in person services.

2. Today is the Installation of Deacons and Committee members. Please pray for their ministries. 

English Ministry Committee Chair Pastor Kenneth Kim
Vice-Chair Caleb Chau
Deacon Jonathan Mui (Secretary / Worship) 

Vivian Ng (Finance)

Holly Chau (Young Adults)

Elaine Ho (Prayer & Care)

Micheal Lau (FM / AV)

David Wong (Secretary / Mission) 

Jaydon Lau (Christian Education) 

Joshua Lau (TBD)                         

Committee member Pastor Gabriel Ng

Mindy Kim

Cantonese Ministry Committee Acting Chair/ Vice-Chair Stanley Pak
Deacon Donna Leung (Finance) 

Cathy Mo (Caring) 

Emily Shiu (Mission) 

Gloria Pak (Worship) 

Alan Leung (Evangelism)

Mandarin Ministry Committee Chair/Christian Education/ Mission Pastor James Huang
Deacon Bonnie Mo (Finance)

Vida Lee (Outreach)

Janet Siu (Family Ministry)

Committee member


Pastor Winnie Chen (Caring Ministry)

Vincent Wu (Young Adults ministry)

Yvonne Yuen (Young Adults Assistant)

Peiwen Chen (Secretary / Outreach Ministry Assistant)

Wendy Zhu (Worship Coordinator / Finance Assistant)

Young Life Ministry Committee Chair Pastor Gabriel Ng
Vice-Chair/ Christian Education Mindy Kim
Deacon Kimberly Pak (Secretary / Administration)

Timothy Cheng (Finance / Children)

Kassandra Leung (Family Ministry)

Eliza Lau (Missions)

Committee member


Justin Keng  (Outreach)

Olivia Ting (Nursery Coordinator)

Deacons from Cross Congregation Ministry Finance  Andy Pak

Cecilia Wong

Joint Event  Patrick Ng
Kitchen Andy Pak 

Margaret Pak

3. Joint Prayer Meeting
Joint prayer meeting will be held this Wednesday at 8pm on Zoom. 

4. Jaffray Family Lunch BBQ
We thank God that after more than 2 years of pandemic restrictions, brothers and sisters are excited to join the Jaffray Family BBQ. We have a total of 145 people registered, and a number of them actually started attending our church during the pandemic. 

  • We will have tables and chairs set up in the Fellowship Hall and balcony, but in order to avoid having too big a crowd indoors, we suggest that those of you who wish to enjoy some fresh air bring your own lawn chairs and eat outside.
  • Please pick up your meal tickets (1 for BBQ and 1 for cupcake) at the cashier station in the basement (near the cloth racks) before lining up for the food.

5. Baptism & Membership Classes
If you believe you should be baptized or want to become a member of Jaffray, there will be baptism & membership classes on Sunday July 10, 17, 24 at 11am in the white house so you can be baptized and welcomed as members in our church anniversary service on September 11.

6. Hosanna Fellowship-  Missions Workshop (Zoom)
Date: July 8, Friday
Time: 7:30-9:30pm

7. TrailMix VBS
Theme: Hidden Treasures
Dates: July 11-29
For more information and to register : https://tjcac.org/ylm-e/trailmix-2022/
If you have questions please contact Pastor Gabriel, children.tjcac@gmail.com

General Mission Building Thanksgiving Benevolent Others Total
Cantonese 2,475.00 540.00 217.00 60.00 0.00 0.00 $3,292.00
Mandarin  314.13 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $314.13
English 2,870.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $2,870.00
YTD Offering $270,046 $55,355 $27,744 $28,189 $2,325 $3,333 $386,992
YTD Budget $279,540 $71,154 $94,791 $445,485