1. Thank You
Thank you to Rev. Jacob Birch for preaching God’s Word to us again this summer and giving us a strong word for our house.

2. New Church Key Code
New entry door locks including key code locks, and new protocol for opening and closing the church facilities are effective immediately.  Anyone with keys for the old locks may dispose of them.  Only Pastors, Staff, and Elders will have keys for entry.  All other deacons and ministry leaders will use the key code for building entry.  The key code is confidential for security.  Please keep the code to yourself.

3. Mosaic Small Groups
If you are not currently part of one of our small groups, please speak to Pastor Ken if you would like to join one of the following groups:

Mosaic Young Adults (age 18-30)
Mosaic Men (age 31-50)
Mosaic Women (age 31-50)
Mosaic Families (married with children)
Mosaic Older Adults (50+)

4. Women’s Hangouts
There is a women’s hangout happening in the month of August. This is not a programmed church event but time to build our friendships in a casual setting. If you are interested in joining, please talk to Holly for the women.

5. English Prayer Meetings
We will take a break from English prayer meetings in the month of August so the leaders can rest and recalibrate. Please continue to pray for our church and depend on God to minister to us in your personal time. Our next prayer meeting will be the joint prayer meeting on Wednesday, Sept 7 at 8pm.

6. Rouge Valley Church Welcome BBQ
Date: Sunday, August 28, 2022
Time: 5pm
Location: Rouge Valley Church (70 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough ON)
Purpose: So strangers can become friends in Jesus Christ

7. Staff News
Administrative Assistant Eliza Ng’s office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm and Sunday 10-12:30pm, with Monday and Tuesday working remotely.  She may be reached at Telephone: 416-282-2063 Ext. 100 Email: Office@tjcac.org