1. Jaffray English Email List
If you would like to receive information regarding worship, events, prayer meetings and
other important announcements from our church, please send a request to
kennethkim@tjcac.org to join our email list.

2. Daylight Savings Begins
Daylight savings time will begin next Sunday March 12. Please set your clocks 1 hour
ahead the night before to be on time.

3. Indoor Masking Policy
Effective Mar 12, 2023 for indoor services, TJCAC will no longer enforce masking, but
will continue to recommend all to wear masks in alignment with Public Health
regulations for COVID-19. In addition to masking for indoor services, TJCAC continues to
a. Stay home if you feel sick or test positive with COVID-19
b. Keep up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations
c. Keep physical distance
d. Practice good hand hygiene
The Elder Board continues to evaluate our health and safety policy to encourage
everyone to engage fully in person in the life of Jaffray while living safely with COVID-19.

4. Teens Conference Volunteers
Teens Conference will be held at RHCCC from March 13th – 16th for students grade 7 to
grade 12. Please pray for those volunteering from our church.
Sam Prima
Lianne So
Lucy Ci
Justin Keng
Vivan Ng
Paul Zhen
Emily Leung
Glen Calica (guest speaker)

5. English Prayer Meeting
Our prayer meeting takes place on the first Sunday of the month at 11am in the white

6. Baptism & Membership Transfer
If you believe you are a Christian and should be baptized or you would like to transfer
your previous church membership to TJCAC, please speak to Pastor Ken or email him at
kennethkim@tjcac.org. Baptism & membership classes will take place on Sunday March
12 & 19 at 1pm in the white house.

7. Sunday School
Our 3rd semester on Acts and reading New Testament narrative will continue on Sunday
March 12. Sunday School classes will be the last 3 Sunday’s of the month at 11am in the
white house.

8. Food Handling
Food Handling Training Certificate. Many have certificates which will expire in May 2023
and require retraining to continue to serve in the Church Kitchen. All interested
attendees who want to obtain the Food Handling Training Certificate are to contact
Deaconess Margaret Pak by Mar 19, 2023. The on-line course is expected to cost
~$40/person. TJCAC has a limited number of subsidies (on a “first come, first served”
basis) for those serving in the kitchen ministry who successfully complete the training.

9. 2022 Offering Receipts
2022 offering receipts have either been sent via email/mail or distributed in person. If
you have any questions, please contact Cashiers Andy Pak or Margaret Pak by email
cashier@tjcac.org or in person.

10. VBS Camp Coordinator
The VBS Camp Coordinator Job Posting is now available. The posting can be found in the
YLM section of the church website.
Work Term: May 15 – August 12, 2023
Please speak with Pastor Gabriel if you have any questions. We'll be interviewing
suitable candidates as soon as possible.

11. Pastor Gabriel & Jil’s Wedding
Pastor Gabriel & Jil are getting married on March 11, 2023! All Jaffray Church
congregations are invited to the ceremony at Yum Kwang Korean Presbyterian Church
(2850 John St., Markham, ON L3R 2W4) at 12:30pm.

12. Jason Si & Katherine Ma’s Wedding
Jason and Katherine are getting married on Saturday, July 15, 2023 at Toronto Jaffray
Chinese Alliance Church. The ceremony is open to all friends and family, while the
reception is invitation-only.

13. Passion Conference 2024
Dates: January 3-5, 2024
Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta, GA)
Age Group: 18-25 year-olds (leaders and older adults also welcome)
Registration: $119 USD (until price increase deadline)
Not included: hotel or Airbnb, flight, car rental, gas, food, etc.
Website: https://passionconferences.com/
Contact: Pastor Ken kennethkim@tjcac.org

14. Hosanna Youth Fellowship
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Location: Promiseland Room
Program: Rec Night
Contact Person: Pastor Gabriel Ng (gabriel.ng@tjcac.org)