Serving in Young Life Ministry

In January 2017, the Board of Elders approved the “YLM Personnel Approval Procedure” policy. It is a policy designed to balance the need for YLM workers while protecting one of the most vulnerable groups in our church, namely the young. This policy outlines the procedure through which someone can serve in YLM:

To serve in the YLM, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

(There might be additional requirements depending on the ministry role):

  1. You must be a born-again Christian.
  2. If you are not baptized or baptized but not a member of Jaffray, you must be discipled by a member of Jaffray assigned to you by the pastoral staff.
  3. If you are a baptized member of Jaffray, you must be in a discipleship ministry as defined by the lead congregation pastor.[a]
  4. Have attended Jaffray worship services regularly for a minimum of one year.

If you meet the above minimum criteria, these are the steps for approval to serve in YLM:

  1. Speak to any of the YLM pastoral staff, deacons, coordinators, or contact You will be contacted to set up an interview with the YLMC.
  2. Before the interview, you must: (a) Read the Young Life Ministry Policy, and (b) Fill out an application package and submit it during the interview
  3. After the interview [b], you must go through (a) Police Background Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening, and (b) Plan to Protect® training.
  4. You will be notified your approval (or disapproval) for YLM service as soon as all the documents are in place and the decision has been made by the YLMC.
  5. Once approved for YLM service, you must:
  • (a) Attend all mandatory YLM personnel meetings
  • (b) Conduct Police Background Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening every 3 years
  • (c) Complete the Plan to Protect® refresher course every year


[a] Discipleship Ministry can include regular attendance in worship services, Sunday School, small group, etc. Since each congregational context is different, it is up to the lead pastor of the congregation to determine whether someone is an “active” disciple of Jesus Christ.

[b] If the candidate has completed valid up-to-date Police Background Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening or Plan to Protect®, all relevant and proper documentations must be produced at the interview.

[c] The cost of police checks will be reimbursed for the applicant upon the presentation of the police check results and the minimum of 1 month commitment to serve in the Young Life Ministry.