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Come join us for 5 weeks as we learn to Trust in the Lord.

TrailMix 2020

Week 1: July 13-17
Week 2: July 20-24
Week 3: July 27-31

Week 4: August 10-14
Week 5: August 17-21


About Our Staff

Hi there! My family and I have been attending Jaffray church since I was very young. In my twenties, God called me to pursue seminary studies. I became Jaffray’s full-time pastor in 2015, since then my focus has been on youth and outreach. I love working with people, particularly those who are on the margins of society. I am very much looking forward to spending time with the kids at Trail Mix and working with our staff and volunteers

Pastor Gabriel Ng



Trail Mix 2020 Update

Dear Parents & Volunteers,

I hope you and your family are well during this time. This has been an abnormal school year for our families. Between the teachers strike and COVID-19, there have been many disruptions to our routines. It has been a time of grieving and a loss of normalcy. Having said that, our children may be dealing with new stresses and anxiety that they need help processing and expressing. Jaffray Church’s Young Life Ministry Committee (YLMC) believes that now, more than ever, our children need to regularly experience the Lord’s goodness.

A New Format

Trail Mix: Vacation Bible School (VBS) has been an important part of our children’s summer experience to know the Lord and to have fun with new and old friends. After prayer and discussion, the YLMC has decided to take Trail Mix 2020 online.

The hope is to provide 3 morning sessions of singing praise, Bible lessons, arts and crafts, etc. Some of the material will be pre-recorded and others will be live interactive sessions to allow children to have fun with friends and to experience the Lord. With VBS being online, we will be reducing the registration fee. The team is currently working out the details, but maintains the priority of keeping our children safe and secure. We will be adhering to the preventative measures as outlined by Plan 2 Protect.


Seeing the need for summer programming across our different churches, Jaffray has partnered with 4 other churches to offer VBS for up to 5 weeks in the summer. Each of these 5 churches will prepare 1 week’s worth of virtual VBS content and will share it with the partnering churches. We are working closely together to ensure that there is cohesion with how the VBS content is offered.

Thank you for your support and partnership in providing a great Day Camp to our children. We’re looking forward to a fun summer and hope you’re coming along with us! More information will be made available in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns related to Trail Mix 2020, don’t hesitate to ask (


Gabriel Ng

Young Life Ministry Pastor


Payment Instructions

1. Payment in full is required at the time of registration.
2. Payment will be made via e-transfer to “”
3. Please indicate Trail Mix fee and child(s) name in the message column.
4. Please email Pastor Gabriel ( to confirming e-transfer has been submitted.